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As we look around each day we that are followers of Christ realizes that there are many who will not come to us but we must go to them with the message of the Gospel. We know that when Christ walked this earth he ministered to the physical and spiritual.


We believe that mission is at the heart of God. The great passion of God is to reveal His glory to the ends of the earth through His people as we proclaim His gospel and display His magnificence.


This is our purpose and this is the purpose in which all who are redeemed must be involved.

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To promote faith-based and educational programs wherever people have needs in collaboration with ministries and organizations everywhere.



The visionaries  have been missionary leaders for over 20 years. They’ve lead countless groups to the Island of Jamaica. They have trained leaders, prepared crusades, organized medical relief and provided spiritual guidance to thousands. Their vision is of God and their focus is meeting the physical and spiritual needs of people everywhere. Their mandate is to bring the kingdom of God in a tangible and practical way to the nations of the world. Their heart is to see the souls of God’s children restored back to Him and the land restore back to God’s people.


Married over 35 years and working hand to hand, their love for one another is reflected in how they help others stay in the spirit of love and unity by helping to rebuild families according to the divine order of God. They believe family is always our first ministry.


As Kingdom Ambassadors they use their gifts and talents to unite the body of Christ, no matter the denomination they bridge the gap to move forward in advancing God’s Kingdom here on earth. They have served in ministry for most of their lives and they never shy away from contributing to God‘s kingdom with their time, resources, and energy. 


They believe that each and every individual is valued by God and has a divine purpose in this life.


They believe in restoring individuals to their God purpose and identity. 


They believe that each person should have the basic necessities of life.


They believe in teamwork where everyone puts forth efforts, gifts, talents, and resources to bring individual, economic and global change.


They believe in the value of one. One person matters, one person can make a difference and they never hesitate to minister and help the one.

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CALL US (813) 567-8663

FAX US: (813) 444-5811