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Is God calling you to serve in missions? We provide a host of opportunities for people of all ages and walks of life.


Our mission includes:

  • Evangelism and social action
  • Church planting and Christian education
  • Compassion and justice


Together we can make a difference!
Reaching the Region and Beyond!


We have a history of training and leading mission’s teams and working and collaborating with various ministries and organizations. Volunteers of all ages take part in our outreach programs. Our volunteers “take part in partnership evangelism and missions”


  • They serve as physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacist, and other health care professionals
  • They serve as construction workers
  • They serve in the community taking care of the orphans, the infirmed, and some serve as a jack-of-all-trades
  • They serve in schools
  • They serve the needy by feeding and clothing 
  • They serve as pastors, teachers, spiritual counselors, etc.
  • They serve as trainers sharing knowledge and expertise


Do you feel called to serve in missions but do not know where to start. Does your church need help in implementing a missions program? We can get you started. Contact us to explore these and other opportunities.


We believe that a strong local church is the framework for strong communities, therefore in the areas we serve we endeavor to:


  • Plant and build churches 
  • Train leaders
  • Start ministries such as feeding centers, orphanages, schools, and medical clinics


We believe that sustainability is extremely important for community development. In this respect we work to develop programs to enable individual and families to reduce dependency and build self-worth:


  • Micro-enterprises to enable start-up businesses
  • Savings Program to teach finances and wealth creation
  • Provide technical exchange and training to build communities


Trip Dates:

June 12 - 20 - Portland & St. Thomas, Jamaica

June 20 - 27 - St. Mary, Jamaica

June 12 - 27 - Both Locations

Our Jamaica team has a history of serving the people of Jamaica since 2000.

Over the past twenty years, thousands of lives have been impacted through our free medical clinics, training programs, conferences, caring for the orphans, the infirmed, the needy, and equipping schools and other institutions.


Volunteers of all ages and occupations take part in this outreach. Interested in this trip? Complete the volunteer request form.


Interested in forming or joining a team?

Complete the volunteer request form.


Trip Date: Ongoing


Help us restore hope to the people of Las Maria, Puerto Rico Rebuilding/repairing homes damaged by Hurricane Irma and Maria.


We are expanding our efforts to be able to provide basic survival supplies to residents living in the now ravished villages of Puerto Rico. At this point, 50% of homes are still without electricity. Many homes are damaged or destroyed. Many people are living in unsanitary conditions where disease can easily spread.


Let’s be a beacon of hope to these hurting people. Construction teams are now being welcomed. If you can assist in any way to help rebuild homes we need you. With your help, we can make a difference.


Interested in forming or joining a team?

Complete the volunteer request form.



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