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The Seven Eyes Stone Ministries!

The Seven Eyes Stone Ministries is a global mission’s movement of kingdom-minded individuals commissioned to serve and to promote faith-based and educational programs wherever people have needs in collaboration with ministries and organizations everywhere. We serve in areas of economic, physical, and spiritual growth. We bring together people of all nationalities and backgrounds to make a difference in the lives of others. We invite you to join in this movement.

Reaching the Region and Beyond!

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Medicine Changes Everything

In many parts of the world, many individuals go without basic healthcare.  We are doing something to fill this gap.  Our medical volunteers offer loving and compassionate care to those in need.  


The Foundation for Sucess

These precious little ones are the future generation.  If a nation is to survive we must invest in the children.  Our goal is to make sure that every child gets a proper education.  We are taking this one step at a time and adopting one school at a time. Join us in this effort.


Technical Exchange

Volunteer First Responders - Jamaica
In an effort to address the need for pre-hospital care services medical and trauma we have trained and established the first group of 33 first responders in Portland, Jamaica.  The intention is to establish a sustainable permanent service in the community that does not depend on the presence of outside help. 
This volunteer group is comprised of individuals with different backgrounds. There are firefighters, police officers, emergency response personnel, pastors and students.  The four-day curriculum was extensive and the volunteers have been trained and certified by the American Heart Association in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid and are now ready to provide services to the community.
We are committed to continued training in clinical and administrative duties, operational support, and facilitating communication with regulating agencies. It is our hope that this will be a model that will be duplicated in other areas. 


Start with the Basics

As we look around each day we that are followers of Christ realizes that there are many who will not come to us but we must go to them with the message of the Gospel. We know that when Christ walked this earth he ministered to the physical and spiritual.

We believe that mission is at the heart of God. The great passion of God is to reveal His glory to the ends of the earth through His people as we proclaim His gospel and display His magnificence.

This is our purpose and this is the purpose in which all who are redeemed must be involved.


Small Business Development Program

The goal is to provide small business entrepreneurs with micro-funding and technical training to increase income so that they can provide things such as food, shelter, and education to their households.  By working with local partners, we can design and implement a model program that helps communities and households to start small businesses and provide sustainable development. 


Hardwork is the Cornerstone of Growth

In an effort to obtain long term sustainability we concentrate on construction of permanent sturctures for local ministrries and communties. 



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